Midweek: Honoring the Females!

Wow! It seems to be a femme fatale week going on! So in that spirit let this Midweek be in honor of the females that work hard to get their way broadened in male dominated DJ scene. The ones that work hard are still going to work hard this following weekend are Faia (Elefant, Femmes Fatales, Deep Fridays, The Villa) Willow (Workshop, UK), Thorgerdur Johanna (Oslo Ground) and Vibeke Burff (Classic Music Company, Leftroom, ITC Defected, Twirl Recordings, Faceless Recordings,Cimelde) – Friday 22:00–23:59.

Fil 27.06.2017, 23.37.32

You will find them at three different venues located here in Oslo as Elefant, Jaeger, The Villa and Pride Park. Each of them will give you a truly good time. If you are in doubt why not go for a mixtape marathon as this one:

So let this parade of mixes be the one who will bring clarity to mind and confidence as the females listed above reeks of. Really do..

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