Track of today! SKAM: Gabrielle – Fem Fine Frøkner.

Well put, well said and well out of the comfort zone of what a house blog are about in terms of tracks, but this is a what the hell situation! HOUSE IS ALL ABOUT LOVE! SKAM IS ALL ABOUT LOVE! All set for days! So we have to go for a walk through of a track that can be stated as the most popular. That track is Gabrielle – Fem Fine Frøkner. A track that are totally in sync with what this week is all about. It is all about having the dignity and pride as a human – and about who we love. We all can love who ever we want and age is just a number. Some can love a person 70 years older – and some can love a person that are on the opposite side. Some can just be in love with the time being. Love is important – and what can be stated in the midst of this that are:

Money Can Not Buy Love!

What matter the most in life is what that special someone can do with you – or whatever can do with you. All that matter is to believe in your self – and believe in what else that makes you thrive! That will also give you the driving force! This is the on point outcome of the fairytale between Even and Isak. They stood up against all odds for each other – and told the world: We are Exclusive! We are head over heels in love with each other! All of this can we connect with the sentence: For the love of House! So if we are all about that settlement we are also free like a stream flowing from a volcano. We burn down bridges that we have built around our self – and we stand more grounded in our self. We stand as an anchor that pulls everything like a storm that flows around us. We stand in the love that flows through everything.

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