Special! #LavaOfTheWeek: Soul Sessions Oslo.

The key to understand the music – and to express that music can easily become better done with dance. What have been delivered over this weekend – and that have happened within the Vogue and Waacking genres. Delivered with this news flash at the first event – entitled Ball of Norway. All what I can tell taken from the analytical point of view is that this was an event that was an success – and it was a success that are bonded with a heavy load of confidence. So this is was a first – and truly not the last because it will cause fire. So the message is clear keep on keeping on to unfold like flowers!

Also in the midst of this are that the DJs located in Oslo, Norway needs to get their grip in to this scene. Only because this is dance culture – and history in terms of what actually happened in the clubs back in the 1960s throughout to today. It will grow more flesh on the bone – and more knowledge on this side of the spectrum. If that would happen the Urban movement as whole would be more united in the core of what the Kool Herc sentence means what are:

His/Hers Infinitive Power Helps Oppressed People!

All because with all elements gathered the more forceful it all will become. Excerpt of this are Vogue and Waacking are not underlined the culture hiphop, but are under the disco, funk and house music. As whole this are underlined one sociological and social term – urbanity. The ones that truly understand – and have understood that are the dancers who are also located in Oslo, Norway. So start by getting out of the box – and start to get into the cause of today there everything are quite on the contrary.

Are there an organization that understands this perfectly are the organization that hosted the truly wonderful spectacle – Ball of Norway with a panel talk. On the panel there were several persons within the Vogue category who shared their story from the beginning to the present time. They were the New York based dancers such as Archie Burnet – Grand father of the Legendary House of Ninja, Javier Ninja Overall father of the House of Ninja, Dashaun Wesley member of the settlement Vogue Evolution – as well as the Finland based Inxi Prodigy. A panel moderated by Danby Choi Subjekt’s editor in Chief. All of their greatness were shown during the Ball of Norway. So this was truly as they states in the DJ world: One for the books! So a grand round of a thankful applause to an always welcoming and warmhearted organization that have understood all of this which are the ever-going strong: Soul Sessions Oslo! You are too Swell, Soul Sessions Oslo! And the message is clear keep on fighting throughout the years to come! You are too fierce!

Photo: Also over this weekend there was some workshops by the dancers stated above. This was from the Runway class by Javier Ninja.


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