Facsimile: Sand Grains – Christian Sol.

All do it sometimes, search for those vibes where it all began. Where it truly began and made the explosion of a lifetime! So in this case let’s go back to the time where that explosion came in an utterly un-explanatory way! One time there everything seemed bland and off course with no fun in the picture. In that timeframe I was a frequent flier at The Villa – and in a time there it were no Jaeger. Not at all! It was in a time there everything seemed really limited as of for now with a plethora of options to go for. All of this was placed in a venue that were Fugazi – a club that were transformed to Seeds that also encountered the same fate such as getting sentenced to shut down. What happened in total confusion I was met with this brilliantly DJ set by Christian Sol – on one of the uttermost important days in my entire life and really can be seen as the one that are a same procedure as last year day, the Music Day. This year was special I did not dress my self up in one of the annual traditions as in the Star Wars t shirt. This year I was dressed up in one of my favorite shirts – and had change with me. All this do not seem as important in terms music, but I do see this as a resemblance of change because from that moment on until now everything have changed. All have changed to the better so with that said I can say thank you to the DJ that saved my life that evening. Just because after it has been like an ever-going beach party on a hot day where sand grains have been placed under the feets, with a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other. All I can say to You Christian Sol: Thanks for the heat wave over the years! And of course there will be plentiful of hotter ones!


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