Midweek: Ball of Norway!

This is not about the magazine Vogue and not about the track Vogue made by Madonna who clearly stole the essence. What are in the context are the lifestyle that gathered black men who are gay with less money under a roof. They were of all shapes and of all types. All of this existed merely from the 70s until now. Yass for progress! What this is in full frontal exclusivity are about is the expressionistic lifestyle, Vogueing! One lifestyle that have its home in a ballroom where there are a runway – and with peoples who acts their true self on that runway with disco or house music in the background. All of this are also parted up in these categories such as butch queen up in drag, school girl, admiral or a chief executive director. All of this are chosen after personal preferences. If they are feeling to be with each other in a group – it settles them to be a house. In that house there are always a person that can seen as the leader – or in this lifestyle a father. A father that really knows to be living this lifestyle – and life.

All of this have also been developed over the years in New York city – and captured the world with thunder and applause. Little by little it have caused growth, also in Oslo over the years. What was the natural destiny from the beginning to now – and in the present there is a first who lands the Midweek Suggestion:

Ball of Norway!

One spectacle for all kinds that are out and about in Oslo – and it sure have one of the uttermost prime venues in Oslo, Sentralen. A Convenience for all! Because there will be bodies that moves like lava on that runway – or strikes a pose also hot as lava! So if this seems so I have to go worthy the best tip for you is to dress less to impress! Indeed!

Photo: Yannick de Brito.

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