Track Of Today! Tommy Tee – Takin Ova.

If you understand house you should also understand hiphop because they are opposites from each other, so there are no brainier in the cause of going on a stroll into the hiphop section once in a while. It can also give more flesh on the bone in terms of relevance to see the underground music as whole. Even better to see where the artists got the sound that brought their sound to be marked as classic. The Track of Today track is a track that still have a definitive heavy rotation by a lot of peoples on the soundsystem:


One track that really owns so much of the Kool Herc knowledge;
His/Hers Infinitive Powers Helps Oppressed Peoples just because that track have caused a whirlwind of inspiration for others to grasp for the same fortune. Like the generations after such as as Paperboys, Karpe Diem and Cezinando. The track of Today are aligned with the process of making a classic hiphop track that are sampling. If you lack knowledge of what sampling are the let this walk through help you out!

There are four groups in the classical music that makes an ensemble or a philharmonic orchestra. These ones are the woodwinds, the strings, the brass family and the percussion family. Within them there are more sections on hold – and the most important within the groups are Strings in terms of leadership. What can be sought as the most important is the Violin – and with the remark that the First Violin are always in charge. The first Violinist carries the melody – and carries the band as whole. What this has got to do with Tommy Tee is that he have understood the fact which are – if you going to make a classic you have to sample a classic. All of this have clearly been implemented in the creation of Takin Ova. Tommy Tee choice were Ständchen by Schubert – who clearly underlining the whole purpose of the track: I am making the stand I am a force to be reckoned with. He got his Award at last! So the destiny behind this track owns the same future as the one that got sampled.

Tommy Tee – Takin Ova.

Schubert – Ständchen. Jump to 02:35.

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