#LavaOfTheWeek: Flow In Your Work!

Hella day! Hella late! So here’s a little collection of music so the Flow In Your Work does not make you to completely fall off guard to the point of not making your head fall in total sleepiness on the keyboard. If that would happen for goodness sake make everything on the keyboard go on – enough to make you cause problems at work. If that have happened way to many times here is a little something something to make you to complete the ever-going stacks of papers located in your cubicle at work. Sort of a helper on the mood because you also feel shabby on the inside – and wish that you could stay the whole day in foster-care in your bed instead. With a phone and a foodora app installed so you can order in instead of making the walk of shame. Also with the mac on the chest so you can Netflix TV series all day long… All day Long!

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