Introduction! Mixology Sessions: M’Tears – Ma Petite Fleur.

Mixology Sessions are the new anchor point in the HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA column range. Its purpose is to give highlight upon those truly illegal good mixes that have been made by some really off the charts great DJS – and haven’t surfaced to air yet. An extension of the purpose is to also highlight the tracks that made the mix even greater – so if you are a big time crate digger this is the column for you. First out on in this are a member of the duo – Sacre Coeur, M’Tears. This made such an eargasm so impactful that the cigarette were needed in the next and a bed to lay down on. Just because the eargasm gave quite a stare when walking in the street. That mix were thickly sauced in with some mind blowing tracks – and those were.

Timbuktu (Pan African Electro Dub) – Jerome Sydenham & Dennis Ferrer. 

Spacitemporal (Vril Mix) – lori.

Ozymandias – Butch & Hohberg.

Kindlinn – Dawud 

Freakshow – Mr. G. 

All of them made the entire mix truly seamless to the point of describing the mix name. It seems like a mix that truly would need more spotlight – and more the DJ playing time at a venue. It seems that this is a craftsmanship that truly delivers! Also a mix that are blended with a focus to make everybody cheesy, cherishing the moment and catching that moment on the dance floor.  What else on this mix that it surely aims for as stated, eargasm! An eargasm that unfolds like a flower!


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