Midweek: Kerri Chandler.

All eyes are on this Friday event at Jaeger – there are no wonder when Kerri Chandler have been invited to roast the most with his infamousity! So on that contrary there will be a grander assembly in the line on the club than all the rest.

Kerri Chandler – an originator of House Music that have hold its fort since the early nineties. Kerri Chandler have caused thunder and applause by his staggering following – and there is no wonder with that assumption because his style are recognizable. He are reckoned to be a purveyor of style to the point to be making him a legend! So we are all in for a treat – because he caused so much chaos last time he was in town! The floors were sweaty in other words. So the best tip is to bring an extra t-shirt because people will jack their bod to be lofting their bod on the floor in the next. It will sure also lead to a night there we all will be transcended to New York – or that part of the world in other words. No doubt about that because Kerri Chandler are born and raised in that section of the world. So let us crack on with walking down that journey with this truly, madly, deeply going collection…

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