#LavaOfTheWeek: Lost Weekend.

Once the weekend is away all we can say that we need to reboot our system – our minds, our souls and our body so with that is mind let us crack on with the uttermost important stuff:

What happened this weekend makes out that fact the feeling of being utterly Lost – like apathetic, insomniac, suffocated and totally buzzed out.

Who made that mixture is the headliners at Mixed Munich arts – an establishment that really stands out in so many ways. What can be clarified is that the staff are really nice – and do not own the tough Berlin attitude they are mellow. That attitude are just on the dot exactly what the staff should own – because a tormented person should not be excused from the healing process that the music own. Who took the throne is Etapp Kyle! So the facebook vote stand correct!

During his set the infamous tune Insomnia by Fatihless was the tune that can describe it all. So let the insomniac times go by each day here because it really suits it all…


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