Style Groover: Minimalism.

Couple of weeks ago there was an article about Vetements – and now we are jumping from that to Minimalism. One look that are a contrasting look to minimalism. Why this have been embarked on at this moment is because there are certain beliefs that in this year we have entered a year that a lot of people will declutter their cabinets. It seems most likely because there are a movement going on taken from deep observations that peoples are moving around more. So they’ll declutter their cabinets equally to that fact that they can pack up their belongings and head of again. So with that said here is two key pieces that should be tossed out!

First of them all! The Bomber needs to be tossed out – and there’s no wonder about that one because it has been implemented in so many designs that it is starting to get boring. Also on the contrary the Bomber have been in style over so many seasons that it should be a no-no to sport by now.

Second of them all is the polo neck sweater because it were the One item that everybody needed to have when the Style term “normcore” where out and about in the streets. A polo neck is a Classic item, but with personal experience it is unpractical to wear. It should have died the first season – and still should be the one item that stayed with Steve Jobs – or earlier when Seinfeldt were taken of schedule the first time. Harsh but very true!

Photo: Tia’s Doorstep.

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