One Time Column: Blog Awards.

Let’s be Abrupt!Let’s be Abrupt! Can you please stop think Friendship-wise when arranging Blogg Awards! It makes the event not look good amongst the bloggers that doesn’t get invited -and they are the bloggers that contributes with diversity. Some of the bloggers Do Own higher reader numbers, some own quality writing and some do get more recognition abroad. It doesn’t look good on any paper to exclude bloggers that you find in these groups because peoples look for diversity. Also because the persons that pays attention because of interest is getting tired of the same persons getting portrayed in the media yearly. Norway has enlarged its citizens – and by ethnicity now so the time has come to change the rules towards to say we belong in a society that are in fact 2017. We are also in need of development because we have reached a point there our registry in interests have grown. We travel more, we stay updated with more materials – and it sure do seek more. So let peoples that blog about Art, Culture and Music in the Arena.


In Clarified Text Means All needs to be included because every subjects are intertwined with each other. Everything goes hand in hand. In hand! The End!



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