Facsimile: Juste Debout.

Well the time has come to tell you what made the go bananas for effect every year! It totally did – and it sure have made an entire vender bender on everything after. So huge in fact that it totally sat a mark on what I embarked later on in life that are Music blogging. What were the thing that really sat the tone – and sat its emphasis:

Juste Debout!

What are a world wide dance event that focuses on dance styles such as hiphop dance, house dance, popping and locking. In the expanded focus such as breaking, dancehall, hiphop dance, house dance, locking, popping, top rock (a part of breaking, but can be seen as a separate style), locking, waacking and voguing.

Photo: Marlene Skoglund.

They are all styles that grew up in United States of America and America that are seen as expressions coming from disco, funk, house music, hiphop music, latin, soul and more.

What makes this a diverse event that everybody should enter just because this can be stated as one of the most exchangeable event in urban dance history. What has taken from this perspective such as giving the dancers an boost without recognition, giving DJs an arena to play in and to give the promoters tasks that truly delivers. This was on the high ground, but on the low ground there has been some changes such as this year the Nordic contribution will take place in Oslo, Norway. So this is an event that should be experienced – and should be taken a visit by everyone from the DJs to the Club Owners!


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