Highlights: Mutual Intentions Label Night.

A highlight can be anything from a release, a club evening or a massive memory that sticks like fused fabrics. What in this highlight parade will be is the Mutual Intentions Label Night – and will be the biggest highlight of January. Also can be stated a night to be redeemed in terms of getting peoples in the door, there is no wonder when they serve box fresh stuff at the door. To help you to understand who Mutual Intentions are here is an awesome walkthrough in what they represent.

If you still did not get it there will be more help on these matters!
Mutual Intentions are what Mutual Intentions states to be –

A Label with Crazy Cool Folks Such as Ivan Ave, Fredfades, Yogisoul and Sraw who are titled as the musicians in the label. The documenting team are Moe Chakiri as the photographer – Erik Treimann as their videographer. Who to make their stuff flashy fresh are the designer Hans Jørgen Wærner. The man who are making this label go forward is the manager Stian Nicolaysen. 

Photo: Even Suseg.

So there you have Mutual Intentions – a label that will make you loose track of time whereas such as getting your beer luke warm.

What more to grab into this highlight is that they have brought even more headliner build such as Suff Daddy (Betty Ford Boys, Jakarta) and Sofie (Stones Throw, Boiler Room). Pretty cool We Say! So let us go together in on this?

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