Midweek: What is happening?

What is happening? What is happening when your material is paper thin? What happens when your article doesn’t have any grasp of anything? Well you stop to tell all about what is happening, but go on with something that will. The material that delivers excellence hereafter the weekend to come. That are an action packed rollercoaster with diversity – and with this outcome!
Benoit & Sergio (DFA, Visionquest, Hot Creations) that plays LIVE set at Jaeger VS Thomas Schumacer (Noir, Get Physchial) that will do a DJ set at The Villa – this Friday!  They will from experience step in the performance at the same time – so the choice is on your behalf. Who I reckon that will be causing the blockbuster? Honestly at this time I do not know – all I know for sure is that this will set the standard throughout the year. Also because the height on the booked artists are state of the art. If you are in doubt the two selected tracks right will help on your decision are on your behalf!



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