Tanze, Tanze Berlin: Let my self go!

Last week I wandered into some thoughts about the what if’s!
I just know now:

Heck yeah it will!


For me personal I just know that people from a continental city are of course a bit more welcoming. A truth to be reckoned with because Berlin is a city with international influences to the point that it settles a grave deal of inspiration. A city built to perfection – and a scene that will make this blog go harder. Just because House and Techno are bigger there. I have nothing against Oslo in general but the size is too small. Even so size doesn’t matter but it will not deliver in long run because the blog will grow with an expansive rate. If you think that I am leaving in despite with the lack of thought made into this – the answer are on the contrary because surviving as a Music blogger in Oslo are well limited.

Also under these circumstances that no other stay at an airport have made me go in limbo. My feelings tilts just the thought of leaving Berlin – and almost have been on the verge for a plead to return in the security entrance. It did not happen in Stockholm, Paris, little bit New York but that were just not near enough of what happened in Berlin. It struck in my heart. It sure did.


Also the fact has come to the table that the case of scenario have come down to this – I have outgrown Oslo. A decade I have stayed here – and where have it lead me? It have lead me with a day job where I am working with second hand clothes, well yes I might be good at what I do, but when the heart aren’t there anymore it has got to change. Change. Alter to a new horizon. It feels like it – and the thought have grown over the years.
It has been feeling like that the sparks of joy have totally gone away. It sure have made a thought that this is the city where I will meet the one in my life, plant a family and make everything grow. So the time has clearly come down to let my self go. Let my self go!

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