#LavaOfTheWeek: Understanding Series: Instruments.

Last week we cracked on with Angularity! As promised this week we are going on with instruments – like piano, drums, bass lines, synths and more! We will not go into details because that is too extensive. Only because I believe everybody will know what a piano, drums, bass, synths would sound like. It seems most likely better to guiding you through this short sentence – every tune are more understanding when you differentiate the different sounds and you will understand the emphasis the creator have done with that tune. You do not need to feel that you have to be follow everything because that is why everything is a complete nonsense of noise. It all are better that way – and it seems most likely to give sense in time. It will bring a more developed understanding of the music – and does not clutter up everything in the next. 

What will bring us over the next week topic: Musicality. 

Stay tuned!


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