Tanze, Tanze Berlin: Struggle is Real.

Well it is Tuesday – a day where the purpose is to update you with where I am in the plan to move to Berlin. Well what have happened is that I am bit stranded on an island where I feel the struggle of a web of what I have cherished over the latest years. What can be clarified more in this;

Will I meet people that are just as nice?

Will they really be into being welcoming?

Will my life become better?

I guess they are second-thought feelings.
I wished that wouldn’t come up because in this path they have come up quite too often for my taste. I’d rather would be better without if they would not come at all – and it is so hard because this has got to be one of my largest encounters in my entire life. It feels so. Just are the feelings towards handing in possessions that used to have a meaning for me – because making the move will have to be made cheap. Just the ticket – nothing else. So on the other hand in this: Well this is something I have to do. Just because decluttering my life for something that needs to really searched through if this is Real. It feels so. I know this is a rabbling post, but this has got to come out of my way because this is a reality that I can not escape from. I have fled from everything in the past – and now is not the time to fly away from those feelings. It seem more realistic. So Real – So Radical.

Maybe this is something that really is bound to happen because this is a Struggle that got Real. I am ready to fight, fight for what I love;


Music that makes me want to fly high, fly abroad and stay above.



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