One Time Column: Collapse of the Midweek and Facsimile: Finnebassen.

First week of 2017 has been tough with a lack of energy. So the thought came to my mind to recess all the missed pilars in this blog in one. It felt like it as well. The ground thought in the segment Midweek is to look upon the upcoming weekend – and the other way around with the segment Facsimile. The luck came around this time because I have been abiding some unreleased photos taken under one of the uttermost prime days: Music Day!

The nerve of releasing this is at stake high because it is a photo that I can not find any errors in. The photo is so supreme because it came from a compact camera that needs to held real steady to get great photos – and at the moment three years ago it weren’t steady. So Kudos for this one is accepted! So with a further ado I give you:



To Walk Down Midweek:

Why I also want to release this right now is because it feels like it is the right thing to do. Also because Finnebassen will play at Sunkissed next Saturday. Finnebassen are definitively a booking well known to cause the blockbuster effect. Finnebassen are relentless in his craftsmanship because he keeps pushing forward – and that makes a toll on his scare of flights. So make sure to take a visit because Finnebassen are very esteemed with his numerous releases. He is as well more Outsourced to be a headliner in other countries than Sourced to be the headliner here in Norway giving the fact by his performances.

So Pay Your Resourceful Visit If You Have Not Caught Finnebassen in The Past!


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