TOP DJs 2016.

There have apparently been no lack of absence in the clubs this year especially when the music do drag you out weekend after weekend on the dance floor – or abroad for that matters! It seems most likely to kick off the year 2017 with one of many blog entries centred around the year 2016 as in what was certified as great – and not that great. Also in the midst of this blog entry that the comeback have been settled around the truth that there was a lack of focus – a lack of everything. As of for now there aren’t anykind lack of anything! So we go on with the Same procedure as last year because it will repeat itself next year, but very different. Only in this edition these criterias have been taken in the account like the key elements of House and Techno music – Grooves and Understanding – Elevation – Dynamic variety in sounds.

Booked Inbound:

Robag Wruhme took the throne in New York the year 2014 – and took it this year around based upon these reasons: Ben Klock will always be a man of the arena – Robag is a man that took a small venue by storm and made the body shiver more than plentiful. Floorplan (Robert Hood and daughter) made an balanced outraged atmoshphere.

Robag Wruhme
Ben Klock
Robert Hood
Omar S
Paula Temple
Tiger and Woods
Carl Craig
Waze and Odyssey


In the resident section there are no doubt in this one! Not at all! The ones that took it where the ones that delivered a night to the point that it ended in a galaxy far, far away: Prins Thomas and Øyvind Morken. Over this year it have been a documentary released that settled a deep going dive into the Norwegian clubbing history. The ones that delivered an impact where: Bjørn Torske and Mental Overdrive.

Prince Thomas & Øyvind Morken.
Bjørn Torske
Mental Overdrive
Jarle Bråthen
Tod Louie
Andre Bravo
Vinny Villbass
Daniel Vaz


Are there any doubt in these supreme DJs? No! It still lingers in the mind when they really totally did a total take out on the whole club Magdalena – where all of this list are centered around. They all where a panel of female DJs.
Nevertheless all of this could be also be around other clubs, but they all did such an amazing job on this party so good that the rest became forgotten.

Pilocka Krach (Greatest Hits International)
Polina Play (Ton Libet Klang)
Denise Swan (Klangkost)
Felidae (Van Liebling)
Lilly Deupré (Shitlabel)
schNee (cosmic society / Berlin)
Zusan (Love Matters)

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