Highlight: Ben Klock.

Well the highlight for the weeks to come will of course be Ben Klock!
Ben Klock holds so many descriptions such as the myth, a world conquer, Klockworks label owner, a Berghain resident, an arena attraction in itself – and the list goes further on.

For me personally the announcement totally clinched me out when it were launched just because in the time being his name and reputation are too large to venture him back to Norway. So huge that the thought of him reappearing would not happen at all. His last performance hit me so hard, so hard that when I walked home the last time I lost track of the whereabouts of where my entrance door that was on the other side of the town. I reckon that it says a wholesome lot from my perspective which means all the senses are completely gone to the point of loosing track of time. So the otherwise are in need of this.

Very Much Indeed!

Photocred: Riccardo Malberti.
So with a further ado: Thank You Jaeger yet again you strike out with maximum firepower! So I hope the occurrence around me loosing whereabouts will not happen this time.

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