Midweek: Christmas Reel.

Christmas is nearing in so close now that we need something in help! So we are calling it the night when it comes down to the what is used to be written – and let our eyes feast on some absolute movie classics. Before We crack on the there are an announcement to be made that are that Midweek Recession will become Midweek  with the same content. So to continue the cosiness without the strictness that just were implemented here is a short list of films that you know will watch during Christmas Eve – or later for that matters.

All of them gathered to wish you a Merry Christmas! Also a list to hit when you need to escape something when your official obligations have ended.

Photocred: Unlisted.
  1. Three Nuts to Cinderella.
  2. Journey to the Christmas star (In Norwegian: Reisen til Julestjernen).
  3. Love Actually.
  4. Home Alone.
  5. Wizard of Oz.
  6. Singing in the rain.
  7. Casablanca.
  8. Lady and the Tramp.
  9. Pinocchio.
  10. Notting Hill.

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