Tanze, Tanze Berlin: Why?

Over the other day I started to think about why I am moving there, why I have to move to Berlin. I asked my self the same question about the same when moving to Oslo, but when ten years in Oslo have lead to so many things that are unwanted. All lost its virginity with other words – and now I am ready to capture great opportunities that lays in my way out there. Just because all of them that were wanted did not come my way at all (also one other reason I move). First of all let ut start with what I used so many hours to do – dance! During the whole race it were a huge luck that I had flesh on my bones even so I were huge back then. I moved in to Oslo to pursue only that but there was a massive takeover by the workers office that totally ruined it. Over the years in the beginning I sat at home until I went to practice – and went back again. Over the weekends I sat completely alone without internet just because there weren’t money enough for that. In that time I knew peoples gathered together force strong, but I was not included, only when there were jams.

It made me completely sad – and it ended up making me leave in despite. Also in this was the fact peoples gathered up in crews which would have made me little bit happier to be a part because being a part of something I have not felt in my entire life. 

It did not take long that I started to search for other places where there was music. I was sort of in luck because I found clubbing which was strange because the dance styles I have practiced are strongly related to club music. The luck ran out for a person that only drank a coca cola at parties because it lead fast to stronger liquids. It hardened even more when the shades were pulled on – I did not see my own reality. It also drove me away from my real family. It completely did. A shameful truth there I can tell you – and it will never be repaired even so hard that an attempt on repairing it will not succeed.

Anyhow it mended it self throughout the years in a respectful way. Well I found in the midst of it all a change because was something I am destined for. Designed for. Crafted to do. What’s that? Writing – and maybe not being a dancer because it hurts just to think about it because there has been so many tears shed. Over these years I have put on a travel agenda because when you still waiting for your dreams to fulfill you start to get restless – so you travel to seek more and gain more knowledge about your self in fact. What I found out about me over these years is that I am not a citizen of Oslo (Norway) nor a New Yorker and definitively not a Parisian. I am a Berliner! One city that robbed my common sense, it robbed my decency and it upgraded me towards the being that I am today! So that is the answer to your question on why I am moving to Berlin!


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