#LavaOfTheWeek X Christmas Tokens! 

So far so good, but not entirely good because Christmas eve are drawing too close in the high phased race. It is also time where the author have pushed with an altogether force just to make this going on and on – and yes it have caused some mind blowing great results. Do not worry this will not stop just because there has been a lack of planning in execution – and paying attention to health have been absent. So the best solution in this we are doing a roundabout with what is left of the Christmas Tokens! as a crossover with #LavaOfTheWeek.

First on the list is a man that you could call the vault keeper of Oslo – because he owns the number one go to store in Oslo, Filter Musikk: Roland Lifjell.

Second on the list is Andre Bravo – a Jaeger resident and Effort Record label owner. A man that can be stated as a bulldozer – and a groover like none other.

Third is Ronny Rabalder – a Sunkissed resident. A man that man that you can sport wearing a Marcel Dettmann 77 shirt to gigs.

Fourth is Nordiks – a member of Oslo ground crew and a steady hang around where you find good quality bookings.

Fifth Faia – a woman that is the resident at Femme Fatales, signed with Small Records – and are always a lady that knows good service.

Sixth is a man that reckon him to be though as stone: Karl Fraunhofer. Member of the duo called: Dortmund.

Seventh that are a bonus on the list is a woman who are a the booking manager at The Villa – and a DJ: Charlotte T. A woman of many talents.

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