Style Grooves: Vetements.

For those who know and especially for those that are staying behind in terms of fashion – Vetements! Vetements baby! – will be the recognizable fashion statement for the year to come to wear even so it have had a rest in peace stamp on it for a while. Why? Ever since the fashion show were launched last season the high fashion industry peoples screamed that this will be it to carry, they carried it but they all are the sort of peoples that really throw it away quick. The nerds are the ones that really do not because they find new ways to carry it just because they are the ones that really goes into a roll. Look upon a person that goes beyond to cosplay a character in a movie – that is commitment.It means that they really  owning it – and state that they love it. So you see that is what Vetements is all about. It is all about state who you are – and you can see that all over the look that it carry.  A band t shirt – a sweater with a logo such as the DHL logo who got its official position in the Vetements look. So you see here is here is a mood board for you to give Vetements an another chance, or get inspired by when the next time you are about to hit the town.

Photo Source: The Corner Berlin.
Photocred: Tyler Joe.


Photo Source: HYPEBEAST. 
Photo Source: Gettys Images. 


Photo Source: Unknown.

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