Christmas Tokens! Number 17: Daniel Vaz. 

Christmas Token number 17 are a man that can be described as cosy and warm. Daniel Vaz will with these descriptions making you feel at home in these venues located in Oslo where he also resides: The Villa Oslo, Dattera til hagen there with the concept Badabing, Sunkissed, Verkstedet Bar there with the concept AMO&VAZ, Karusell and Gudruns. Goodness gracious that is a lot but this guy have worked hard for accomplish this. Over these years when all of this have happened he have stated that me the author of this blog as an approver – in clear a certifier of a good event. I must with all my might say a grand thank you for that compliment – you have no idea that means for me. So it concludes with the statement above that you are in for a cosy and warm ride while journeying this mix.

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