Facsimile: DISTORTION.

Are there a festival that I have entered, worked at and done who needs more alertness around is it:


This are the one festival that can make a festival junkie move there because this one are so free in its terms. So it means a festival that you can do what ever you want just because you are so welcome – and it will set you free just because the music is making the mind throw the guard off.

The progress of its execution is that they close each part of the city over four days. Like a street party – or more precisely a block party which makes the best vouching for the persona described above: the festival junkie. All access makes the best all inner-going experience because you make the memories your own.
Furter more in the best of the all access part is that you have all that you need near by. Other more interesting thing to know that if you buy the rist band that of course give you perks. Perks baby! So let ut with this draft save up some money to go down there to make some noise!


Location: Copenhagen.
Month: May/June.

DISTORTION was packed.



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