Midweek Recessions: The Villa VS Jaeger.

Yes! Yes! Yes! We will have to make a tie breaker between Jaeger and The Villa this weekend. Occurrence are because there are so many differences this weekend between them so there will only be a namedrop of whom are the ones that may save the weekend.

So here are the program for yours truly.

First  Schizo Pinguino & Joel:K  at The Villa Friday – just because it still triggers the flesh memory of the recent passageway down that mix they hold together. It is setting everything in perspective.

Second Prins Thomas and Øyvind Morken at Jaeger Saturday – just because the last night were a night for the books. The night made an impact there the statement that were they were an unbelievable, unreal and farther from any existence good pair. It is like an important appointment without being agreed on just because it will be that good.



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