Facsimile: Berghain 

A club stated to be trickier than the grave to get into. A club that reeks of inspiration whether you are the obvious one a DJ, the fashion designer, writer or in this case a visual artist. 

Last year I did try to enter but my luck weren’t at hand, I am not disappointed or anything. In other words I don’t approve of their policy. Everybody should be welcomed to the club because they may not been that in other parts in life. 

In spring I captured some daytime photos of the venue- and edited it to become nighttime. It gave a grave difference based upon the experience that the location in the daytime did not give any kind of jolt of excitement – nor did the nighttime with so many with high pitched tension of the thought at hand will I become accepted.

So you understand what I have thought throughout the edit process: I accept everyone whether you are black or white, gay, prostitute, poor, sick or crippled. All! What Berghain will not accept. 


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