Christmas Tokens! Number nine: A:G.

Christmas token number 9 are the member of Uno Mas, the Oslo Ground crew member; A:G! His craftsmanship are reckoned to be told to perfection especially when you look up what he did with the UNO MAS released track “Star Wars Dance” – and as well with his solo productions. The vinyl only set was recorded in one of the uttermost prime venues in Oslo, The Villa!

What this mix are perfect for is a warm up for the highlight of the night; the venue hitting! It is bound to give a smooth transition because this mix are in fact smoothly done. So it says a lot about what A:G values in a set what are minimalistic cleanliness. Who needs more, when you can settle for less and get an atmospheric experience. What are the keywords for the next thing to do when the finish line starts to hit: Go and get hooted upwards!


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