Christmas Tokens! Number Eight: Neove. 

Christmas token number 8 is neove who delivers a solid deal of total perfection and performance. He have told that this mix was engineered to its nanoseconds to the whole masterpiece – that says a lot I can tell you. What can be relatable to understanding the whole process from picking out the tracks to fusing them together to the product itself. Not many do that. About the mix itself it is very melodic and stern at the same time which is balanced enough to center the mass of people.

About neove! He is a man with a long endurance in the DJ community here in Norway – and have enough skills nowadays to be playing with ease not with nerves. From my perspective that is what it is all about playing just for fun because playing just for the cause of business is totally wrong. The masses will tell that apart.

So with that said let us press play!


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