Christmas Tokens! Number seven: McAuley and Joel K.

Christmas token number seven are with a special two for one deal! Where you are traveling into a mix aired at Pils og Plater last year – a radio show hosted by Tina Marie Borgholt, this particular mix are handcrafted by McAuley and Joel K. The mix are really solid – and perfect for Wednesdays even so this have been aired on a Saturday. The reactions whilst being under listening are proofed with the alignment that my face are smiling more and more which appears seldom. Also in the second that the mix makes the feet curb with enthusiasm. Thirdly it makes the energy flow back into the body. Good job!

So the pair of them needs embark on continuing this journey because that is what this mix are settling for them. It will be interesting to see what they offer in a DJ booth one year after, when they are playing at The Villa 16th of December – because this mix are making me intrigued. Intrigued.

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