Introduction: Style for the stylish.

Whoa there, fashion on a music blog? Well that is unheard of. Not! Everyone do own a fashion sense – and the DJs really reeks of that especially. Why you wonder? Well they are out and about in the clubs  all the time – so the thought came  to mind to give a future pin pointer of what will set if you are a DJ out from the crowd. The take on this will be very minimalistic, but yet complex.

First of the items that you should purchase is a V neck t shirt! A purchase that as of for now is a can not go wrong t shirt – and I reckon that will hit the market soon as well the crowd. The item are also very affordable and super comfy. Just that you know it the item aren’t the item for the winter times because it will not cover the neck – and will be a more sportive item to sport over summers instead. If you think this is a very straight-forward item do not worry, here is the item in variable styled outfits.

Photocred: Unknown.
Photocred: Unknown. 


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