One time column: Christmas Gift-Shopping!

Well we are upon a hectic period there we need to go shopping Christmas gifts for our family and for our music geeking friends. Especially the last one is a task that can be very tricky so the thought came to mind that this can be a thing solved by these three pin pointers – only because it is the right thing to do at the moment.

First of all you have to establish in this is what kind of listening gear they own. If they are a massive user of vinyl – the absolute best thing to give then is a spanking new stitch. Why? They are easily worn down – and very annoying to get the hands on. So this is a prime outing  that will not go wrong! Not at all!

Photocred: Unkown.

Second of it all are the fact that they want to keep track of everything within their genre of focus. Obviously the best gift there are a magazine subscription – if the genre is electronic the best choice there are Wax Poetics. It stands out from all of them only because the magazine holds the reputation to be the best of the best on the planet.



Thirdly of it all that may be very cool indeed is to give a new headset – it will be tricky because a music geek will always have critical views about the brand and the sound through the muffles. So in this case the best thing is to give a decent amount of money so that they can purchase the head set that suits them the most.




Sennheiser HD 25. Photocred:




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