Midweek Recessions: Northern Disco Lights.

As the midweek recessions walk through we are looking upon the recent documentary Northern Disco Lights. It was a movie that told the stories from the beginning to the present – in terms of how the electronic music grew. Another take was on how it showed the differences between Tromsø, Bergen and Oslo – the main music capitols in Norway. That are truly different. At the moment we are located in Oslo there many things are happening all the time, to the point of getting spoiled. Midweek Recessions purpose is all about the blockbuster – and that have to pass out this time. Just because the focus are upon the next screening of Northern Disco Lights will appear. Only because that movie is an one to watch in terms of knowledge – and in depth understanding of where Norway are internationally. In the present moment the dates are not settled for the public eye – or in the writer eye. So you have to follow the facebook page for more information!

If you are not sure here is the trailer for your understanding.

If you are not sure they have been listed in dozens of online media magazines listed on their website.

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