#LavaOfTheWeek – My Best Friends Of All Time!

Last week was destroyed like Alderaan! It were an explosion to the point of not being centered, but over the weekend the mind was settled back for good again. It settled also for going back in time, back to a time there I read MUTE magazine pages up and pages down.

A time there my favorite best friends of all time had heavy rotation on the loudspeakers! That band were Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band. All of the purchased compact discs are in the writing moment in beyond mint condition, so with the t shirt with coffee stains.


Solid proof of being a major fan right there. That leads me to the memories! One of particular memories are stuck in that t shirt that are radical good. Like this one that time when I attended their concert that they held at Rockefeller Concert Hall in 2005! It was located out in the smoking area, yep a totally filthy habit but when the band tells to kill it needs to be killed. I do not know if that is possible at the prior moment, but let the time tell. Well back to the memory! I stood there in my red Converse, jeans and that t shirt. Out of the blue there where a person commenting: Do you work with them?
It made the entire night – and later on with the news of them splitting up made the trick on me to become very sad. Who will deliver sounds that tickles the soul and makes the good mood next?

No one!

Well it did not last long before the news prevailed of them getting together which lead to an on repeat period that lead to more damage on the compact discs. Maybe the time have come to replace them? Well that I have no problem to think twice on. Not at all!

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