#LavaOfTheWeek: Star Wars Edition.

Over the Weekend the possibility were: I heard the best DJ set in my entire life by two uttermost prime DJs here in Oslo. It settled a journey in to a galaxy far, far away – that got even farer when news that the tickets to the anthology film Star Wars Rogue One tickets were about to be released. It sat the tone for the day – and it blurred away the focus on finding content for the #LavaOfTheWeek compilation. So to save the downfall of not being able to write, here is a compilation of tracks with an all together strong relation to Star Wars: Alderaan. One compilation that are aligned with what the planet did in fact do: Explode in Every Directions! The compiled track list can definitively list up the feeling above – with the inclusive one like being bombarded with hope and prosperity. All of this are on point with what the message that are being transcended throughout the whole space opera Star Wars: May The Force Be With You, Always!

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