Introduction: Highlights.

Once more there are yet an another introduction to the new HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA! If you are new follower – and do not know about the history of the blog, well sit down You are in for a short ride.

Have you made your self comfortable?
Well that is great,
first of all we will start with the common factor for this blog.
This blog have been a real on off thing from the start – and that is too bad because as of today the blog might have had a real stand out in the blogosphere.
So here it begins with why it all had to end quite abruptly over and over again.

I am a Girl – and a girl that really have gone about in what I love with no DJ background. Going in for what I truly love – and really will do whatever for, but do not get any kind of support by no one just because the fact is that I am a girl. That response it makes the mind really unstable – because when no one contacts you because a blog is a kiss and tell promoting space for everybody. It have done such a thing but when the frequently ones asks and you give – and you start to get restless just the content is going short that it is on the verge that you stop. Stop it because it is on The end.

My reply to this is when you are traveling on your own to New York where you enter Output there Robag Wruhme played, where you met peoples that worked with Seth Troxler, where you were left all by yourself – in a city that are really dangerous. A city so dangerous to the point that you could get yourself killed. One city you should get a standing ovation just have entered.
What haven’t been in the open that apparently needs to be repeated is ovation. In the midst of it all that should have been done, because from my point of view it shows a in-depth lifelong commitment to the love of house, for the love of beats and for the love of dance. What were consumed a ton of countless hours on, but the transformation by the music have made it not easy to pick up again. Just because the pages up and pages down written are too much of better get away. Also to the point of taking a writing course by The Wired – and the money spent there settled a success. In other words that it created a better toll on the writing. So unbelievable better because what the grand public do not know that the author have grave problems with dyslexia. So to write like this is a milestone achievement in it self. So long.

That is great. Like really splendid. Like…

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