Introduction: Midweek recessions.

Our body, mind and soul need three days to recover from an action packed weekend. So with that stated here is the new segment: Midweek recessions – the weekend to come. In short: Midweek recessions. So to outline what makes the context in Midweek recessions: Who Will Bring The Best Blockbusting Night!

Also by Midweek – better known as Wednesday we are starting to feel a bit ready to look upon the options at hand – so HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA is here in your rescue. So let us fly away already to the Weekend to come that are in fact are very tied up between two venues;

Jaeger with Virginia (Ostgut Ton) and The Villa with Kollektiv Turmstrasse (Musik Gewinnt Freunde). What is the common equality they are coming from Germany, but their difference is their sound. So if you are in doubt to place your heart why not go in for a journey into their SoundCloud profiles. The choice are Only Yours!

Kollektiv Turmstrasse:

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