Every Tuesday the focus will be placed upon the magnificent country with three vertical stripes with the colors black, yellow and red; Germany. The column will be called: Tanze, Tanze! First up will be Munich which are reasonable because why not start from the bottom?

In Munich You will find a club called Harry Klein. The name Harry Klein resides with the sidekick to Stephan Derrick in the infamous TV show “Derrick” – the plot is with located in the same city of the venue. This may not be a connection with the club, but it feels like it. So for a person that never been there it seems that they are in for funky nigts there the body getting drenched in damp by the music the DJ is delivering – and gets a that soul jacked in on a deep going journey. You can tell by their “sound” it feels as tough they go deeper than deep – and it is no wonder when they are located deep down under the touristic Berlin. It feels more raw but still very clean cut shaped. So it feels so natural to go down there.

Here is a selected outage of recorded mixes at Harry Klein.

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