#LavaOfTheWeek – Reinstatement Edition.

In the evolution of this blog there came around a column called #LavaOfTheWeek – a one time weekly spot where sounds of the past, future and presence got posted. It seems most likely to reinstate that after the relaunch of HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA. Also on the contrary it gives the blog a framework to go after.

In this post about the reinstatement there will be recent mixes and tracks – and not the emphasis on fresh out the boxes releases. What they all have in common is that they are bound to kickstart the week. An introvert evolution in the column #LavaOfTheWeek is that there will be a monthly or weekly focus on a single record label – and not multiple. So if there are a label you own why not submit a comment! Hot flashes of being stoked will be sent!

In this the vast majority are coming from the labels Dessous Recordings. A Berlin based label. One of its kind – and have sound located around tech, deep and wavelength grooves. It serves the best – and their chest are always filled with floor fillers, beer cupboard drenchers and more. Also included are a mix from Lee Burridge – a man that do not need any introduction and a mix from the lesser known one to watch feeder sound.

The list will hold you through approximately 6 hours, enough to hold you steady – and with that I will say: PRESS PLAY!




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