…And We Are Back Again!

Over a half a year have past since this place were blossoming to a fully booming blog have gone. It died completely out in a slowly phase until couple of weeks ago it came to my attention that something was missing in my life. I couldn’t place my finger on what so I started to dig in what was missing. So you will have guessed it by now – and what was missing in my life – and it all come to this blog, my get away. One blog are one of its kind – it is not perfect in terms of history of the music and according to preferences, but hey it is a truly, madly, deeply going matter! The lava stream of the volcano are bound to rock the stone cold hearts to become hot’n’heavy! That nuking segment will be introduced in matter of weeks. If you think that it will bring this blog out of the old style – do not worry because it will always have the house is a feeling statement intact. Always! Because it is completely bonkers insanely impossible to exit. Also because it is a real love – and a love that is all about being loved. It is because of that feeling that this blog that have risen from the ashes and set for new outbursts of new finds, new events, new truly great lists.

Starting with this one right here!

Welcome to the HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA!



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