Hitech: Is There A Line At Berghain?

It almost seems to be a theme going over this week – such as techno, techno, techno, Berlin and Berghain. It have made an astoundingly walk through with the strangest discoveries within this theme: Berghain. All from a guy selling a how to get in guide, a free one published couple of days ago and todays timesaver – because I believe it will. An application that tells you is there a line at Berghain, because that place are perhaps rumored to have one of the longest line there is. You may look at other famous clubs in Berlin – and their lines are presumably running shorter. Only because the club are not that infamous according to the issue, how to get in and their fantastic impeccable taste in electronic music. So with no furter ado I am introducing the without doubt the coolest bound to be for sure party fixer:

Is There A Line At Berghain?



The application is quite accurate.

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