#LavaOfTheWeek – FOUR Year Anniversary Version.

#LavaOfTheWeek – FOUR Year Anniversary Version! Well, well look at this HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA have become four years old! Finally it feels good that this blog have turned a corner and became one year older like a human – one strange comparison! It is sort of true.
A blog is a human, because it gains followers over time. Once more a strange comparison that is just the same an artist, designer and a musician does. In the case to be this blog have had a rocky road in terms of getting those followers because there have so many ups and downs. Today it is a down day, because there have been so many sacrifices that the tears are popping out. I do not know how to turn back time to re do what I should have done right – I do not want to stop loving what I love. It is not in my nature to stop loving writing, or in this case love art, fashion and music. It is just not in my nature. In these years I have met so much resistance from others that it feels unbearable. It just feels obscure to the point of being hurtful – but I keep up my appearance by keep on doing this. An artist, designer or a musician, and especially an musician should never think about if an article is written by a man or a woman. A musician should be appreciative about the review of an album or a mix – if in case the musician was a DJ. These feelings are just hard to acknowledge sometimes.
Sometimes I wished everything would be in a different state, there everything were just marvelous and I did not need to fight for doing HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA. I wished that my dreams around HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA were to be fulfilled. I just wished it. It feels frustrating to be writing about this at the moment. Maybe this is the opportune moment to take a gun – and place it in the right direction to execute everyone that do not approve, just to land the one that really wants to. I hope so, it feels like it ought to make some outcome.

In the #LavaOfTheWeek – Anniversary Version you will find my deepest treasures of all time. I hope they are giving you a loads of inspiration as they have given me – and they have sure have been on heavy rotation over the latest years. They sure have!

As of for now – the best are yet to come!

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