Outburst: A newly reopened Jaeger.

What a ride it has been over the latest days that the weekly columns “Residences of the weekend” and “On the heart Friday” have totally been forgotten. It is with no strange reason when a familiar club venue recently reopened in a complete new package. It made the spell bound trick to take over – and that needed to be dealt with and sorted out over some days. In comparison from the old appearance and to todays appearance it is without doubt a transformation that is totally unrecognizable to a certain point of view. It just feels different. And because of the obvious reason that the appearance of today gives room for more.


The venue from a perspective gives you the impression of walking into Promenaden Eck whilst being at Tresor. The thought at hand are made from these observations: just how the bar are located at the entrance and the journey down the stair onto to the toilet cubicles area. It feels as of for now that the venue have gotten a bit more class that are internationally aligned. It feels as well that Jaeger have gotten an underground club summary from venues in Berlin on a venue in Oslo.

So maybe the next visit will give a more on point description? Who knows for now!

Adress: Grensen 9, Oslo, Norway.

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