#HauteIsLikeLava: Oslo Runway: HOLZWEILER.

#HauteIsLikeLava: Oslo Runway! A whopping two day fashion special here at HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA. Today I had the chance of watch only one show at Oslo Runway: HOLZWEILER! That was being streamed at their shop located at Fornebu S, and not the runway show. In the current state I have no urge of publish photos taken of a screen there you see the clothes that the models are wore in bad quality. It would not serve the brand justice.

All I have to reply with is that I remember back in 2010 when I was blogging under a different blog name I was invited to HOLZWEILER agency HQ. It was with that meeting that I was fully introduced to the fashion world and what it was all about. The people in charge that caused that meeting was Linne Røsstad Sharpe and Jason Sharpe – that are quite familiar faces within the HOLZWEILER staff.

If it weren’t for them I would not have been stationed for life with work.  So this event revived these feelings back – and it felt exotic because I had to travel for one hour just for the stream event. I got to see an another part of the city. A part that shall not be forgotten!



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