#LavaOfTheWeek – volume three.

Okay! Okay! You might have left your cubicle at work, but #LavaOfTheWeek will be in your rescue anyway. Because you know: Every Monday the same, the same freaking vacuum there you are completely in your own world. Your brain is malfunctioning due to the fact that you danced your brain out this weekend. All you are doing to cope with this is to binge drinking coffee like an hero – which in fact doesn’t help. Your boss pops into your cubicle delivering you some memos on the desk – which you have no any kind of knowledge about. You open them, and your mind is starting to realize that you have a problem:

The pile from last week – so you are in need of energy.

Here it is a thoroughly and careful selected mixes!

All of these will be making you go deep to reach your top notch performance level.

From the warm and rigid Ivaylo, to go timber G-HA, to hot waterfall flowing Thorgerdur Johanna, to clean cut hot tempered Andre Bravo, to the airy Daniel Vaz and to minimal Tod Louie & Solaris.

All angles to get your brain to function again back on line!


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