Residences Of The Weekend: Sunkissed.

Residences Of The Weekend is a new column at the now a days quite extensive universe of HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA. Residences Of The Weekend is a shout of where the best venues to go out to in terms of bookings and perhaps cities to travel to! Today on a Saturday is the first edition of that list being released – and a wrong day to announce it because the weekend is already kicked of for good. The list of today is short since tomorrow is the official day of binge watch TV series on Netflix and with the pizza delivery on speed dial due to a strike out on the day before.

So the one mandatory Residency Of The Weekend to go for today is SUNKISSED MOVE D + Coltsfoot’s 30 years birthday! +++

The reasons for hitting SUNKISSED is simple: It is a birthday party and in the spirit of what the resident Coltsfoot likes:

The Robert Johnson venue and everything around that venue!

The headliner of the evening is MOVE D.


In this recommendation it could have been a much more explanatory text of why he is the man of the hour, but the short outage in this is good enough to eat and digest to go all the way:

MOVE D grandmothers were both classical concert pianists. That is good enough, because you never mess around with the classics. MOVE D can still remember favorite childhood moments, sitting under the piano as they played, surrounded and lost in sound. With this extremely short outage you have perhaps visualized that you are in for a getting lost in sound evening?


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