On the heart Friday: Fashion.

Every Friday I will release one thought about what house music have done with me. In the start of this I will start with what I used to blog about, Fashion.

My blogs was named fashionmakesfashionistas and The Fashionists. They were a huge part of my life – and made my daily life a little bit better because they were my escape.

So let us escape into the On the heart Friday:


I truly miss those days when I was blogging about fashion, I truly miss those days when the fashion event parade just went on and on – and my days was all consuming about that. I sorely miss it – and I miss everything about that scene. It was utterly destroyed by the love for house music, yep I know it seems admittedly harsh to write, but it is so true. The engaging meeting with the House Music have transformed me from being sophisticated towards being less sophisticated, because the attire does not matter only the music do. Before that meeting I was a person that liked the feeling of wearing powerful blazers, fancy statement tops to everything else that are on the line of being fancy. I will not say that my meeting with the house music have totally been the factor, my job where I pick out clothes for Fretex a trift shop have also been in the count, a job where you do not need to show up as you are going to a party every day. Under my years when working there my everyday attire have changed towards being a person that wears just a basic jeans, zip hoodie and a printed t shirt. This may be described as norm core. In these matters I have thought only one thing: Where did everything go wrong? Because the height of passion never goes away, just varies and transforms itself to new level. It just does.

After a while when house music consumed the whole of me I started to neglect the invites that luckily came in my way, they started from that moment on to not appear anymore – I was stupid enough not to reply to them. It seemed not as important – because it was all about the house music. It was all about!

Today I am more or less disappointed over myself because I let the House Music take over my life. Today it is a prison that I can not escape from – and my lust for listening to that music everyday is to the point of being insane. So what happens in this moment when the sanity have just walked into my life again?  Will I get the reversed effect in all ways into this prison? The time will tell!

Foto: Hanne Erøy // Fashion In Oslo. 





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