Monday: #LavaOfTheWeek.

Monday again….! A day where your are in for a sleepy head work day. A day there you feel utterly to the bone vacuumed, because every memory you created during the weekend was too good. A day where you are a little broken reasoning the fact that you heard some good tunes that the DJ played.

A day where you have no where to go – because the venue that you usually go to is slightly out of the preemptory to enter.


So you try everything to create that weekend – but can not because it won’t do. So with said I will be in your rescue, because you need that peer to climb. That is a list of mixes that will be pushing you upwards to the boardwalk – and with the striking name:


This is the first of many #LavaOfTheWeek – and it was stated on facebook that it was going to last from the first minute to the last minute of the week. Right of this moment that have not been able to comprehend due to the lack of planning – and the lack the urge to find goldmines. If you think this is the first #LavaOfTheWeek so do not worry – the will come faster than you think. In the time being the first one is quite good it have the cue time set to 25:04:21. All the mixes may or may have the variations of being a good mix. The great news I can deliver in this that this is also a well hidden treasure for all that have followed the HOUSE IS LIKE LAVA SoundCloud page.

So did #LavaOfTheWeek rescue you?

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